Remove user filter on any click

I had posted this on meta a while back but don’t think it’s going to happen on their end so I figured I’d give it a try.

Any advice for how to get started/where to look would be super appreciated. :slight_smile:

Cool, just to clarify:

  1. User filters topic
  2. User clicks on any internal topic link (i.e. where they stay in the topic but move to a different stop), then filter is removed?

What about use of the topic timeline?

Yup that’s right.
Think it makes sense for timeline to maintain the filter.

Cases where it feels “bugged” are notifications, links to posts, links to replies, quotes, etc.

hm, I’m still not 100% on the scope of issue, partiuclarly for things like notifications. Is the user clicking a notification about the topic in the topic? Could you walk through every step of the different cases of the issue, i.e.

  1. User is in topic

  2. User selects a filter

The specifics matter a fair bit here.


  1. User is in topic.
  2. User filters by User A’s posts.
  3. User gets a notification of a new post in the topic (by User B)
  4. User clicks on notification
  5. User ends up on last post by User A and NOT post by User B.

You can replace 3 and 4 with “clicks on a link in the topic that goes to a post in the topic by not User A” such as the arrow in the quote below.