Possible to Prefill wizard fields with contents of Discourse User Fields?

Hi Angus & Team,

I’m very excited about the prospect of making custom wizards, and have just made my first one, to gather information from users about their hardware and fill it into their profile through the custom user fields in Discourse.


For the first time with a brand new forum user, this works great. However, if an existing user wants to update their profile info because their hardware changed, the wizard will have blank fields.

I am wondering if there is a way to prefill my fields with the existing contents of Discourse User Fields.

Thank you for your work on this. There’s a lot more I’ve been wanting to do to make our support lives easier, similar in nature to GitHub’s recent “Issue Templates” functionality, so that we can help users provide the info we need to provide tech support to them, step by step…


I’d like to +1 this, for the same use-case.

Also, we would find it helpful for our joining Wizard as we could then use their “Why do you want to join the forum” answer as the starting point of their Bio in a nice and clean way.

Yes, it seems logic that if you can update the user profile with wizard fields you should be able to prefill the wizard fields with user fields.