JS - Crash - topic - list previews


topic list previews crashes when enabled, all with latest version, and minimal config.

In return, lazy loading more topics won’t work anymore.

Thank you.


Are you using the Theme Component? (The plugin is deprecated except the sidecar)

You need to permit scripts from your uploads folder (first error)

Yes, it’s a TC. I disabled CSP, and now I have this :

Or check your here : https://forum.osr-plastic.org/c/pp/machine-development/26

thanks a lot!

OK I’ve just rebuilt to latest and cannot repro on dev nor production.

There is something odd about your setup.

Can you confirm if you’ve installed the theme sidecar if so have you used the correct branch?

Can you confirm again the theme component is up to date?

Thanks a lot again for looking into that.
I don’t know what a theme sidecar is. And I am using all with defaults. What branch do you suggest?

Discourse is at : 2.9.0.beta2 and yours seems to be at master.

Have you got any other TC’s installed? Can you disable them alll except TLP for the moment and retest?

Is there a specific route you are using that breaks? Feel free to send me a link.



I think I’ve found the issue …

topic_list_thumbnail_first_x_rows … set this to zero for the time being (unfortunately) and it should work again … please confirm!

I’ll look to fix this.

yup, that worked !
thanks man !

thanks … one of the less used features which broke in a refactor (NTS: must add client tests!)

This should work now, please update and confirm:

FIX: thumbnail first x rows functionality by merefield · Pull Request #12 · merefield/discourse-topic-list-previews-theme (github.com)

ok, give me some days - and thanks a million already!
are you open to some general change requests? I’d love to see topic list previews in some other places as the home view, as well ‘latest replies’.