How to request a plugin feature

Please Note
This topic is about requesting a feature for one of our plugins. This applies to free or open sponsorship (see below) work requests. If you’d like to hire us to work on a feature, please book an initial consult here.

First of all, I’m really happy you’re interested in requesting a feature :grinning:. Without you using my plugins, and thinking about what could improve them, they would never get better, so thanks.

Requesting a feature is a two step process. First you complete the Feature Request Wizard, then you get the request turned into a scheduled task.

1. Feature Request Wizard :mage:

The first step is to complete the Feature Request Wizard. It will ask you for a description of what you want and the use case you want it for. When you complete this wizard a new topic will be posted in #public-work:feature-requests with the details of your request.


2. Request to Scheduled Task :ballot_box_with_check:

There are two ways a feature request can become a task in #public-work with a scheduled time it will be worked on: open sponsorship and popular support.


Open Sponsorship :money_with_wings:

If user(s) pledge to pay the estimated amount for a request it will be turned into a task. If a request does not yet have a dollar estimate and you’d like to know how much it will be, let me know and I’ll provide it.

This method can work well for those who don’t have a lot of money, but want something others will want (and are willing to chip in for).

Tasks backed by open sponsorship will get the same priority as work I’ve been hired to do, typically being completed within a month of being started.

Popular Support :ballot_box:

If a feature request gets at least 5 votes it may be turned into a task at the discretion of the plugin maintainers. All users get at least one vote, the number increasing by 1 with their trust level (tl1 get 2, tl2 get 3, etc).

Tasks backed by popular support get lower priority than work I’ve been hired to do or tasks backed by open sponsorship. They will typically be completed within 6 months of being started.

* Registering multiple accounts to vote with is not cool.

If you have any questions, please post them in this topic

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