How to clear server cache using console

I was wondering, is there any way to clear the tmp folder without restarting the whole server using some cli command?

Cool I found it. The answer is rake assets:precompile

Does that also take account of new Ruby code and changes to config?

This one’s just for assets.

For new ruby code, check this out.

So if I save a Ruby file with server running there is a chance the parser/pre-compiler will reprocess my new code? (On latest)

Sounds like a cool side effect but not sure that would work.

So I’m not clear of the benefit of the Zeitwerk update you are pointing me to?

Zeitwerk will supposedly pickup changes from the ruby code without restarting the server due to its design. But the OP talks about clearing asset cache.

So what aspect will that help with specifically? New files? Existing but modified JavaScript files are in any case refreshed if you refresh the browser.

Suppose you’re facing an issue due to server side caching but don’t want to restart the whole server for that, what would you do? You can add a random param to the url to bypass cache but this is somewhat more concrete than that.

There is also redis. It would be good to sit down and work out the exact effect of each reset.

Yes some posts on meta suggest flushing redis too. But that flushes the scheduled email jobs etc. I’m yet to learn its complete role in discourse.