Discourse theme

Heyy i am a student ,i dont know wether to ask or i am wrong , i am new to new to discourse , and i want to make my site look like as pavilion, is the theme available .

Please reply and guide me


There isn’t much customization done on the Pavilion theme. You could easily achieve a similar theme by:

  1. Installing the Layouts Plugin
  2. Installing the Category List Widget
  3. Adding the Category List Widget in the Layouts Widget Settings:
  • Set the position to left
  • Set the order to start
  • Add the necessary contexts (i.e. topic list)
  1. Under the Layout Settings, set sidebar_left_position to full

Other than this, you can apply the necessary color scheme in the Admin > Customize settings.

If your looking for more information on creating a more complex/custom theme, I suggest start by reading some of the material referenced here:

Hope this helps!

thank you @keegan