Discourse-ratings plugin suggestions

Hello everyone. This is my first topic here.
@merefield invited me to join. I want to learn how to do plugins. So, I choose to start with https://github.com/paviliondev/discourse-ratings.
The plugin looks a bit outdated, also I find the approach to its use somewhat unobvious.
We need to change our understanding of rating.

Right now we have 2 types of topic replies: post with a rating attached and post without. If you call replies with a rating attached reviews, then there is a better understanding of it.

Let people leave a review, not attach a rating

When people attaching a rating to their reply it means what they want to vote for the topic. So, if user clicks “reply” let him leave a reply, if user clicks 5-starts rating below topic - let user leave a review. Do not make people think.


5-star rating in Google search makes your page more visible and SEO better. This one of the main reasons why people use discourse-ratings plugin. I have a great experience to make schema.org aggregateRating properly. For example, if you use 5-star ratings it is necessary to use schema.org->Review with it. Otherwise, Google with a high probability will not show the page 5-star rating in the SERP.

@members might have a new enthusiast here although apparently flattery gets you everywhere …

He initially posted this (and you’ll see my responses)


Welcome @Ramjke. I’ll let @angus respond Initially as that is his plugin :slight_smile:

Hey @Ramjke, glad you want to learn more about developing Discourse plugins.

We’re open to on-boarding new members of our cooperative. As a member you get a mentor who will help advise you in the development of Discourse plugins. Membership, and how to apply, is explained in more detail here:


On the points you’ve raised about the topic ratings plugin, we can get into that in more detail if you’re keen to become a member. One thing to keep in mind here is the difference between this plugin and the topic voting plugin.