Choice of Editor

Hey, Thanks for the info.
I use rubyMine by intellij. Mine is a local dev environment though.

I love it and I’m sure there’s remote ssh support but its paid. I have it as part of my student dev pack so I didn’t have to pay for it yet.

Yeah, I tried the free nightly build briefly, but it kept freezing on me, so I gave up! :smiley:

I see. It in itself is heavy. I run 3 beasts at a time(chrome, rubymine, and our own discourse) and sometimes feel the the cpu begging for mercy.

What about sublime though? Doesn’t it offer enough stuff for ruby?

Thanks. Might be worth a try at some stage, but VS Code is so sweet now I’m really hoping they fix the Ruby extension by November as promised.

I really didn’t think I’d like it more than Atom, but it has really surprised me.

I use vscode for php and recently been using it for building a theme component. I like it but haven’t done any ruby stuff on it yet. That would be interesting to try. What all extensions would you suggest for working with ruby on vsc?

This is all I have but I’m not convinced they are all working correctly/I am using them to full advantage:


Part of the reason is I suspect my server, despite being 4 core, 4GB is creaking under the pressure of all these processes (including language servers).

Thanks for that list.

Yes you need more ram. What cpu are you using though?

It’s x86 Intel Atom C2750

I’ll monitor the RAM, but didn’t think that was the limitation.

This is with just the Rails server and VS code extensions running without client load. any of the VScode servers executing:


Oops. I thought you were talking about your dev machine’s ram. For server, thats more than enough I think.

Yeah, and an individual page loads jump the CPU’s to about 90% max, with an in-app click much lower (<50%)

Quite impressive how the workload is spread across the CPUs.

Yeah, my local PC is left just to run the pretty VS Code UI :sunflower: