Category nesting!

Found this rather interesting entry in the source code this morning!:

    client: true
    default: 2
    min: 2
    max: 3
    hidden: true



Doesn’t seem to do anything yet though.


Three levels of categories
Repo: GitHub - CivicallyHQ/x-civically-category
I would advise against trying to use this unless you really know what you’re doing.

Not according to

Nice catch👍

Also found this in the code:

                {{#if subcategory.subcategories}}
                  <div class='subcategories'>
                    {{#each subcategory.subcategories as |subsubcategory|}}
                      {{#unless subsubcategory.isMuted}}
                        <span class='subcategory'>
                          {{category-title-before category=subsubcategory}}
                          {{category-link subsubcategory hideParent="true"}}

I think that pretty much clinches it :wink: