A few questions about the Custom Wizard Plugin

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m trying to figure out if the custom-wizard could be used for my needs.
We have an Educational QA community which mostly helps with math problems.
Users should write (or copy, without uploading images) their problem. They can only upload an image of the structure (that can’t be written). They also have to specific what they tries to do.
New users does not follow this rule and they just upload an image without even coping the text.
Also, there is a difference between two types of categories - QA or discussion based. The above problem is for QA categories only.
Is it possible to use the custom-wizard plugin to do the following things?

  1. If new user (trust level 0/1) press on “new-topic” it will send him to the custom-wizard. For other users, it will just open the regular new-topic box.
  2. In the custom wizard, it will ask:
    • which category to use. If it is one of the categories that requires the custom-wizard (In my case - one of the QA categories) than it will ask:
      • Choose Tag - required.
      • Write the problem (Copy the problem from the image) - required.
      • Explain what you tried to do -required.
      • Add image of the structure (circle, triangle, axis or so on).
    • If user choose not a QA category, it will open a regular new-topic box.

Is it possible to achieve? Also, I have tried run it locally but our community is in Arabic (RTL) so the wizard options in the settings looks messed up and could not be read. Is it possible to add support to RTL as you did with the QA Plugin?

I understand the idea completely. I have problems with users on my sites not structuring their posts correctly, and a wizard is a good way to instil some discipline and understanding in new users whilst making sure their content is well structured from the get-go.

I’m one of the developers (and co-founders) here and just recently started to expand the functionality of the CW, funded by a client.

Sadly the original plugin author is away at present, but as far as I’m aware, this is not yet possible exactly as you describe. However you may or may not have noticed you can lead a user to post into a specific Category by presenting the required fields.

The custom wizards are generally launched from banner links or you can cause the site to redirect to a wizard to push people to completing it.

I’m not aware of any capability to launch the wizard from the New Topic button, though. Of course, with work, we could modify a site to do that or even modify the plugin to do that out of the box.

Formatting of the wizard system is reasonable but could do with some more development, agreed. I’m sorry if RTL does not yet appear to be supported, that would be a shared goal ultimately as we like to ensure we support localisation fully where possible.

Though this is already extremely complex plugin and there’s a long way to go before it’s fully featured in certain regards.

We would certainly consider a project to deliver these additional capabilities for you if you wish to hire us. Building the bespoke functionality is unlikely without a customer pushing it.

We can wait for @angus to chime back in when he returns in a week or so.

Hey @darkchill,

You can’t do this in the plugin, but you could write a simple theme component to achieve this.

This is all possible in the current custom wizard plugin.

Could you clarify this? For example, are you thinking there will be one wizard step where the user choses a category (Step 1). When Step 1 is submitted, if the category is a QA category, the user goes to Step to (fill out the above); if the category is not a QA category, the user will be redirected back to normal discourse and the regular new topic box will open?

Yes, we can look at doing this. Can you make a feature request?